Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The following policy describes how information is shared by the GovTaxi products, including this website, GovTaxi mobile apps and GovTaxi's social media pages. As the GovTaxi products are built using the Pivotal ERP platform certain Pivotal policies also apply to GovTaxi and you can find out more about those from the Pivotal ERP website. GovTaxi is a Pace Online product built with Pivotal ERP.

This policy and any other related policies are in addition to the Rights and Responsibilities of Users for both Pivotal ERP and GovTaxi.

How we collect your information

GovTaxi collects your information directly and indirectly as you use our services and the services of our partners. At any time should you wish to delete all of the information we have on you please email us or contact support.

NB: GovTaxi does not store your financial information at all. All financial data is maintained by PayPal and PayFast, GovTaxi's payments processors.

  • Device Data

    GovTaxi collects information from your devices while you are using GovTaxi. Depending on the device, its operating system and the nature of the information, you will be specifically asked to give GovTaxi access to this information by your device. The information GovTaxi collects from your device includes the device's mobile number and IMEI number if it has one. The location of the device. The make, model and operating system of the device. Your IP Address and browser information. The device's orientation and positioning with respect to your body. SMS messages stored on the device and information about the device's connection to the internet.

  • Content You Provide

    As a GovTaxi user you enter information manually into our products in order for our services to be useful to you. This information includes your current location and desired destination, arrival and departure times for trips, other related trip and driver information associated with quality control, as well as your desired options in the use of our services. From time to time GovTaxi may require you to answer surveys about your experiences with GovTaxi. In other instances GovTaxi partners may conduct similar surveys through us or us through them. If the nature and use of such data is not immediately obvious it will be specified on the said survey or poll as is appropriate.

  • Cookies

    Cookies are files created by your browser on your device to save your interactions with websites on the internet. GovTaxi uses cookies to store your personal information, login credentials and GovTaxi usage history. GovTaxi may also collect relevant use of Pivotal and other partner products should this applicable.

  • Third Party Data

    GovTaxi is linked to various digital organizations and entities including but not limited to Google, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Mapbox. These entities act as data providers on the behalf of our users to improve their experience of using GovTaxi by sending information to GovTaxi instead of it having to be entered manually repeatedly when it is needed. From time to time GovTaxi collects information from Social Media networks and official data sources such as the Department of Health or Home Affairs in order to verify identities.

What information do we collect and keep?

GovTaxi and Pivotal ERP collect and store information about you and your use of our software and services. Without doing this it would be impossible to maintain your user accounts and facilitate services to you.

  • User Account Details

    Username, Email Address and Mobile

    GovTaxi stores details that are used to identify you on our system and are unique to you. This information is mandatory for you to provide to us in order to operate our products and access our services. They include your real name, a username which is a unique pseudonym, your email address, mobile phone number and various contact details.

  • Private Sensitive Data

    ID Numbers, Passports and Licenses

    GovTaxi authenticates user and driver identities using registration data from various government entities. This data is regarded as sensitive because it can be used to commit crimes including identity theft outside of the GovTaxi platform and cyberspace as a whole. As a result the security of this data is paramount in the GovTaxi architecture and GovTaxi holds this data in an encrypted state. The data in question includes ID and passport numbers, drivers licenses, vehicle registration, insurance information, medical aid data, vehicle service records and criminal investigation records.

  • Safety Profile

    Reports, Meta Data and Locations

    GovTaxi maintains a subset of your data that contains metrics associated to how safe you are and how you impact the safety of others on the GovTaxi set of services. This information is an amalgamation of user reports, device reports, location specific statistical data and ip address information that combined with your user activity give us a picture of how safe you are as a user. GovTaxi reserves the right to report, ban or restrict any user who based on the information contained in this profile is deemed a safety hazard to other GovTaxi users and the public at large.

  • Social Media Data

    User IDs, Handles and Channels

    GovTaxi is integrated with social media networks in order to improve the experience of users on GovTaxi. The information these social media networks provide GovTaxi allows GovTaxi users to easily incorporate and share GovTaxi services with their contacts and social streams. This information includes friends lists, user ids and handles from various networks.

What information about you is stored by us

We maintain a detailed profile about you that keeps historic records about you and your use of our products as well as products and services owned and managed by our partners. The information kept on our databases can be broken down in these general terms;

  • Trip Data - Information about GovTaxi trips

  • Accounting History - Information about payment and pay out transactions on GovTaxi

  • Safety Profile Information - Incident reports and meta data about your safety with GovTaxi

How we use the information you give us

The primary reason for collecting and storing your information is to deliver services to you through our products.

How we share your information

GovTaxi has various partners who access portions of your information according to their partnership arrangements with Pace Online.

Safety and Security Data Protocol

Above all else the physical safety of all users on our GovTaxi outweighs any other consideration, including privacy. This means that we will take any and all measures to prevent, investigate and prosecute any actions by anyone who comes into contact in any way whatsoever with GovTaxi and commits any act that diminishes or disturbs the physical safety of another human being so far as is in our power to do so.

Formal requests for information that relates to an investigation can be made by contacting support.

Pace Online (PTY) LTD, GovTaxi and Pivotal ERP reserve the right to amend the aforementioned policies at any time without prior warning. It is the responsibility of our customers and all our users to continue to check our policies and maintain diligence in protecting their privacy.

We will always work to the best of our ability to balance the safety security and privacy of all our users.

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